7 Best Paint Colors for a Custom Home in 2021

7 Best Paint Colors for a Custom Home in 2021

The color scheme you choose for a given space in your home may seem like icing on the cake—secondary to the layout and the quality of major components, like cabinetry, appliances, and other fixtures.

While colors are primarily about contributing to a particular facade, they also create mood and impact emotion. Whether you’re designing a new custom home or remodeling a room in your existing house in Corvallis, it’s important to give your color palette due consideration. To narrow down your shade selection, you’ll want to consider how often each space will be used and for what function, as well as the overall design style you are aiming for.

Popular Color Palettes for Home Interiors

As you start developing plans for your custom home, you’ll collect design inspiration from a variety of sources. For example, the most desired color options for 2021 combine insights from fashion, architecture, pop culture, and technology trends. They capture current tastes and experiences, especially as they relate to the sacred home space.

To give you inspiration for your home-building or remodeling project, here are some of the most popular interior paint colors trending this year:

1. Ultimate Gray and Illuminating 

Pantone, long considered one of the ultimate authorities on the matter, selected two colors of the year for 2021. The first is Ultimate Gray, a sort of practical, dependable gray reminiscent of sidewalks, rain clouds, and other constants you encounter daily. It reflects the reigning mood at this moment, with the coronavirus pandemic still lingering and affecting every facet of life. However, the second Pantone color of the year, Illuminating, is a complementary yellow that is bright, cheery, and yellow to encapsulate a sense of hope rising on the horizon.

2. Aegean Teal 

Benjamin Moore’s 2021 color of the year is Aegean Teal, a soft, soothing blue-green that evokes a sense of wellness and tranquility. The gray undertones enable the shade to be used in modern interior designs, as well as farmhouse, French country, and traditional styles. Because of the calming nature of the color, it’s a good fit for home offices and bedrooms. It pairs well with the creamy off-whites, deep earthy hues, and buttery yellows, all of which are also featured in Benjamin Moore’s 2021 color trend palette. Aegean Teal also complements a variety of materials, including wood, stone, and brick.

3. Aubergine 

Rich and luscious, aubergine is an excellent choice for an upscale space in a custom home in Corvallis. It simultaneously manages to create a sense of high-end drama while also reading as a sort of neutral that is easy to work into a variety of settings and home styles. This tasty hue, which is also referred to as eggplant, can pair with gray, white, or black if you want to use it as an accent rather than the dominant color. Or you can completely embrace aubergine’s lavish appeal and combine it with gilded hardware, plush textures, elaborate prints, and other design elements to create an utterly gorgeous backdrop for daily life.

4. Canyon Dusk

For its 2021 color of the year, Behr chose a completely neutral yet free-spirited color called Canyon Dusk. Reminiscent of terra cotta buildings, warm cinnamon, and sunbaked clay pots, the color is warm and reassuring—the perfect fit for interior and exteriors. It fits naturally with any sort of Old-World design style or a Southwestern vibe, but the neutral shade can also be woven into a space that possesses a modern minimalist or appealing traditional style. Jewel tones like emerald green, navy blue, and rich burgundy create a stunning contrast for Canyon Dusk, or you can pair it with creamy whites and earthy colors, textures, and materials found in nature.

5. Vintage Blue 

For the first time, Minwax—a wood stain brand—also selected a color of the year. Although it’s called Vintage Blue, the color encapsulates shades of blue, green, and classic gray to bring a sense of quiet strength, resilience, and renewal to any space in your custom home in Corvallis. Vintage Blue can be applied to cabinetry, shelving, furniture, and other decorative accents made of wood. You can play up its nostalgic vibe by pairing the color with other earthy neutrals, or bring in other shades of cool greens or blues for a modern, monochromatic look.

6. Satin Paprika 

Rust-Oleum, a well-known spray paint brand, selected another timeless, rich semi-neutral hue for its color of the year. Satin Paprika is deep, earthy, and warm—the perfect fit for a mid-century modern design style, modern-bohemian atmospheres, and different types of outdoor living spaces. Satin Paprika, and other subtly spicy tones like it, go well with matte black finishes and brass fixtures. It also can be paired with muted, nature-inspired tones for a cozy atmosphere that evokes a sense of deep contentment.

7. Aqua Fiesta 

Aqua Fiesta, which was selected by Glidden as its 2021 accent color of the year, is a vibrant blue-green paint color that could be used in a living room, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. As Glidden’s designation implies, this hue is best suited as an accent that pairs well with other neutral paint colors, like cool gray, creams, and whites. However, applied to kitchen cabinetry or an accent wall, Aqua Fiesta is a fresh, cheerful shade that makes quite an appealing statement.

Creating Beautiful Custom Homes in Corvallis 

Color palettes have the power to make or break an interior design style for a custom home. The right shades will pull the room together aesthetically while also supporting the primary function of the space. With so many colors to choose from and so many spaces to address when designing a custom home, the whole process might feel a bit daunting. Our team at Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths simplifies and streamlines every aspect of a new home build or custom remodel, from refining your vision and setting project priorities to making selections and developing a solid design plan. We can provide you professional insight and guidance on what colors, materials, and textures will give your Corvallis home the right atmosphere for your particular lifestyle. 


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