Minor Kitchen Makeover

Minor Kitchen Makeover

The kitchen is the epicenter of your home and family. You use it for everything from cooking and cleaning to homework with the kids, paying bills, and entertaining. With a central location in your life, the state of your kitchen greatly impacts your entire home. So, if you need a change, making a few adjustments in the kitchen is a simple way to create a refreshed look and feel. Plus, when it comes to cost and return on investment, kitchen remodeling has long been considered one of the best ways to improve a home's market value. Let's talk about how you can improve your kitchen — and everything it's connected to — without upending your life! 


What is a Minor Kitchen Makeover?

A minor kitchen makeover is a cosmetic refresh that improves the aesthetics and enjoyment of your kitchen. The general rule of thumb for small kitchen makeovers is everything in the kitchen stays in the same place. The footprint or shell of the kitchen (i.e., the floors, walls, and ceiling) doesn't move. Generally, cabinets and flooring are in good shape, and you already have decent lighting. But you may have old tiles or countertops that you want to update with clean new finishes. You might have an old appliance and, while replacing it, decide to refurbish something else like your cabinet hardware, sink, or faucet. A small custom kitchen renovation is also an excellent opportunity to make a bold design statement that says WOW! You could add a design element like a decorative tile backsplash that complements perfectly with an elegant new quartz countertop. Under cabinet lighting would make the space brighter and more functional for food prep. No matter what concerns inspire your cosmetic changes, you can transform your kitchen into a place you LOVE to spend time.

Minor Changes Make a Major Impact 

Our designers create custom kitchens and baths, and they have creative ideas to give you a fresh perspective on your dated kitchen. We recommend picking one to three design ideas for a minor kitchen remodel. More than three, and it is no longer a minor refresh but considered a whole kitchen remodel. Choose options that make the most significant impact and create the most mileage for your family. Here's some inspiration! 

Kitchen Refresh Ideas:

  • Replace the countertop and install a fun, bold backsplash. Add beautiful decorative tile or a brighter, more durable, stylish countertop surface made of quartz or granite.


  • Add under cabinet lighting. Under cabinet lighting brightens up dark spaces in your kitchen to make food prep and clean-up easier. 


  • Replace cabinet knobs and pulls. Give new life to your cabinets with a look that compliments the other finishes in your kitchen.


  • Replace a tired sink, faucet, and garbage disposal. Nothing gets more use and abuse than the kitchen sink area. Updating these elements provides an updated and more functional prep station. While you're at it, consider getting an instant hot water dispenser and hot water tank as an added luxury to your sink area.


  • Install one or two new appliances. Maybe your cooktop is on its last leg, or you need a new range hood or down draft exhaust fan.


  • Decorate with a pop of color or changes in texture. Explore your creative side and express personal style with your custom kitchen. How about a bold new wall color or texture change like shiplap? You can get a spunky appliance update and really go wild with the color. Or, take your tired-looking island, and paint it an attractive accent color to make it worthy of being the center of attention.

Visit our project spotlights, like this kitchen remodel before and after, to see these ideas in action!

What are the Benefits of a Minor Kitchen Makeover vs. a Full Kitchen Remodel? 

With minor custom kitchen renovations, your family experiences less interruption to routine and schedules. The average work time for a small kitchen makeover is about three to four weeks. Full remodels are a huge undertaking and take your kitchen off commission on average for eight to ten weeks; this usually means you have to set up a makeshift kitchenette while waiting for your remodel to finish. In a minor kitchen makeover, you may not need to pack up, move, and store your whole kitchen elsewhere during the construction. However, meal planning with limited kitchen appliances will be strategic for both options.

How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel, Big or Small:

Whether you are planning a complete kitchen replacement, minor improvements, or any combination, here are a few tips for getting through a kitchen remodel. 

  • Prepare and get organized. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be.

  • Set up a temporary kitchen. Find a location where you can move and plug in your refrigerator. Consider using an RV for your kitchen, an extra wet bar already established elsewhere in your home, or get creative with kitchenette ideas like using a bathroom tub or laundry sink to wash dishes! 

  • Grab the essentials. Empty the necessary cabinets and gather tubs or boxes to store food, dishes, and any other items.

  • Include take-out and restaurant expenses in your remodel budget.

  • Get creative with menu planning. Plan your menu around what appliances you will have available. Some cooking and reheating options could include microwave, toaster oven, pressure cooker, slow cooker, portable electric grill, and, depending on the time of year, outdoor cooking with a BBQ or smoker. 


Corvallis Custom Kitchens and Baths have been remodeling homes in Corvallis neighborhoods for 20 years, and we're ready to help you update yours! Discover whether your kitchen is a good candidate for a minor kitchen remodel by scheduling an in-home consultation with our design team today


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