Step 1:

All projects, from renovations to remodels, to new custom homes, begin with a detailed consultation and site visit. This allows us to give you a precise cost and schedule estimates. You might notice we ask a lot of questions. We ask questions to discover your family's goals and needs for your design and build project. We ask about your budget and time frame expectations, as well. We do this by understanding your “why,” your motivating factor behind the project. This allows us to better align the design and build aspects of the work with your goals for the project.


Step 2:

We present you with a detailed scope of work and budget range. The purpose is to give you the power of information so you make a good decision as to whether we have understood your vision and expectations. This is the point where budget expectations are determined to be realistic. This step also gives you a higher degree of precision regarding the project budgeting and financial resources required to move forward. Our goal here is to put it all on the table so to speak, which gives you the confidence and certainty you need to hire us to design and build your project.


Step 3:

A design and build team of experienced, knowledgeable, respectful, and talented problem solvers who have a shared vision for your project. We know it's not easy having strangers in your home for a month or longer. You can get to know our team ahead of time by checking them out here.


Step 4:

We prepare a detailed, fixed price project proposal, with upgrade options and allowances noted. Clients love the flexibility this step affords.


Step 5:

We work with our team during the construction of your home. The talent runs deep in this company, extending from the design team to the crew that makes it come to life. Everyone is focused on bringing the vision you have to life at the level of quality and customer satisfaction that you and your family deserve.