5 Bathroom Design Styles to Consider for Your Corvallis Home

5 Bathroom Design Styles to Consider for Your Corvallis Home

Your bathroom is a personal space, so it stands to reason that it should be designed with your personal style in mind. If you tend to like different styles, having an idea of what type of bathroom styles there are is a great start in narrowing down your own bathroom design. From current trending bathroom designs to styles that stand the test of time, here are 5 bathroom design styles to get you started in imagining your newly remodeled bathroom.

1. The Spa Bathroom

The spa bathroom design style is all about relaxation and rejuvenation. This is the space that offers respite from a long day or a quiet and soothing place to get your day started on the right foot. Think about your favorite spa–the colors, materials, features, and finishes. You’re likely envisioning white or very soft greens, natural wood, potted plants, a rain shower, and a freestanding organically-shaped tub with heated walls. A steam shower and in-floor radiant heating are the perfect additions for a comfortable and soothing experience. 

When you’re choosing the features for your at-home spa, consider a natural wood vanity that’s minimal but offers plenty of storage to reduce stress-inducing clutter. White subway tile on the shower walls, wood look ceramic tile flooring, sage green walls, and white quartz vanity top create a soothing backdrop for all of those lush green plants. Be sure to incorporate natural light with a window or skylight. As for accessories, go for white towels and glass jars or rattan baskets for your daily needs items. 

2. The Smart Bathroom

Smart technology is everywhere, including the bathroom. It offers convenience and comfort. Smart heated floors that are programmed to turn on before your alarm clock. A smart mirror over the vanity can display the time and weather, and even allow you to view your emails while you’re getting ready for the day. 

A smart steam shower includes programming your shower to suit your perfect water pressure and temperature and can even include chromotherapy. Have your builder install in-wall speakers that are paired with your voice-activated home assistant to play music, the news, or podcasts at your command. Smart lighting can react automatically to the time of day. 

remodeled bathroom with wood cabinets and walk in shower by Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths in Corvallis, Oregon

3. The Luxury Bathroom

The luxury bathroom is all about feeling like royalty in your own home. Imagine a custom chandelier in the center of the room and sconces beside the vanity mirror that operates via a dimmer switch. Choose a freestanding tub that’s jetted with heated walls with wall sconces that create a candle-like glow when you want to wind down. Add a walk-in curbless shower with glass enclosure and a built-in seat. Heated floors are a must in the luxury bathroom to ensure ultimate comfort. 

As for the finishes, choose high-end natural stone tile flooring and vanity tops. If you’d like to incorporate color, choose a sleek black marble with white veining and gray walls. Or swap the wow factor out by applying a rich jewel tone to the walls and white marble with dark veining. In a luxury bathroom, your vanity can be sleek with flat-front doors or more details with molding and a rich wood tone. 

4. The Sleek Contemporary Bathroom

The contemporary style offers the opportunity to combine smooth surfaces, a minimalistic aesthetic, designer statement lighting, and surprising pops of color. The goal is a streamlined look that’s also a bit playful. The warm color trends will work well in a contemporary bathroom. Consider using a deep orange on the minimalistic floating vanity with polished chrome plumbing fixtures. A semi-glass enclosed walk-in shower with a tub also in this space is also very sleek. For your shower tile, choose a bold geometric shape that matches your vanity to limit the colors used in the space. In a sleek contemporary bathroom, skip the molding throughout and use flat-front cabinet doors. 

bath tub surrounded with white granite, next to window in remodeled bathrom by Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths in Corvallis, Oregon

5. The Antique-Lover’s Bathroom

A bathroom dripping with antiques, or antique-feeling, features offers a feeling of quaint romance. This design style isn’t trending but if your personal style leans toward the yesteryears, go with what makes you happy in your own space. An antique-lover’s bathroom may have a vanity that’s been retrofitted from an old wooden dresser with lots of detailing and volume. Pick brushed brass vintage-style plumbing fixtures, walls in cream, blush, or pale blue, and a clawfoot tub as the focal point. 

A vintage crystal chandelier is a timeless piece that will bring this style all the way to the ceiling, as will large crown molding. If you’d like to modernize your antique-inspired bathroom, choose wood-look ceramic tile flooring or marble flooring with a marble vanity top. 

Work with a Corvallis Remodeler That Can Create Your Perfect Bathroom 

These design styles are the just tip of the iceberg in bathroom styles. This is why working with an experienced designer who can offer you ideas and work with your personal tastes will result in a bathroom you’ll love. 

Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths is well-versed in different design styles and is focused on listening to the challenges you have with your bathroom so the end result is both beautiful and functional. Our proven design-build process will take you from concept to completion, without the stress of working with multiple entities. Contact Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths to schedule a consultation and let’s start designing. 


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