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Bathroom Remodel
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At Corvallis Custom Kitchens and Baths, we treat every client like they're part of our family and team. But, in the case of this bathroom remodel, the client really was! 

Jennifer Gallagher is our production manager at Corvallis Custom Kitchens and Baths. Typically, Jen spends her days collaborating with our design team and clients to make dream homes come to life. This time, she got to sit back, relax, and play the role of the client as we helped her achieve her own bathroom and laundry room aspirations. 

We had a blast working with Jen in this capacity and are so excited to show you the results! Let's check out the bathroom first. 

With a ton of design expertise and years of creating other people's dream bathrooms under her belt, Jen knew exactly what she wanted. She envisioned a moody midcentury modern look with a tinge of industrialism mixed in. We obliged by incorporating two hallmarks of midcentury design: natural stone and wood. Meanwhile, cement-looking shower tiles and unique, exposed bulb Tala pendant lights evoke the industrial aesthetic. 

The refined white and gray color palette could render this design underwhelming. However, a combination of patterns, green and white oak wood accents, and a blend of elegant Brizo Litze polished nickel and chrome fixtures gives this bathroom tons of visual interest and personality. 

While we're on the subject of accents, how great is this Mykonos quartzite-clad accent wall? It provides a stunning centerpiece for the room that's natural yet ultra-sophisticated; relaxed and luxe all at the same time, it's the perfect vibe for a bathroom oasis. 

A matching vanity countertop accompanies the accent wall, creating cohesion within the space. Under the countertop, a custom floating vanity (one of many custom bathroom vanities we make) is a deep, grounded studio green

A wood strip at the vanity's bottom matches the wood flooring. The white oak floating shelf above the commode — tastefully decorated with a favorite painting and whimsical leaves — echoes these design elements. 

In the shower, large format tiles promote a modern chicness that is sooo in right now. Though simple, gradations in color ensure these tiles are never dull. We added a herringbone tile accent wall as boring-banishing insurance to spice up the shower — because who doesn't love herringbone? 

A built-in elongated shower niche is just as practical as it is fetching, providing a place to store shampoo and conditioner bottles, soap bars, razors, and all that other shower stuff. 

Speaking of storing things, bathrooms tend to need a lot of storage space; otherwise, they can quickly become overwhelmed with clutter, ruining the look and functionality of the room. To ensure that doesn't happen here, we installed a shelved cabinet and multi-tiered pull-out drawers, making reaching bathroom essentials way easier than rooting around in a dark, poorly-organized cabinet. These storage areas make it simple to tuck away towels, lotions, and other products to keep clutter at bay. 

We installed a backlit LED mirror to keep with the minimal, modern look. It gives off a soft, ambient light without producing an ounce of extra visual weight, so this design stays light and well-lit, completing the design. 

Move over to the laundry room, and you'll see the same design motifs in action. 

Laundry rooms aren't necessarily known for their beauty, but brushed nickel coat hooks, oak wood flooring, and a quartzite-topped bench elevate this space into something special; these elements also ensure cohesion between the laundry room, bathroom, and rest of the home. 

Our favorite part of this room is the natural light. It pours inside through a massive window and slotted midcentury door, allowing for great views and beautiful lighting in an otherwise simple space. The black framing around the window creates a picture-frame effect, drawing the eye to Jen's gorgeous backyard. 

Adjustable shelves above the washer and dryer make it easy to store laundry room essentials like detergent and clothes pins at an appropriate height. 

It's a design that's just as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing — and we're delighted to have created it for such an important member of our team. 

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