6 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Corvallis Bathroom

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Corvallis Bathroom

In life, learning from the mistakes of others saves you wasted time, money, and effort — the same is true in bathroom remodeling

Before you invest in a long-awaited remodel, take a second to review six bathroom remodel mistakes homeowners commonly make from Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths. We'll share some tips our team has learned on past projects to save you a few headaches in the future!

1. Forgetting Ventilation 

There’s nothing better than a steamy shower at the end of the day. But over time, the humidity produced by showers and baths can culminate in mold, mildew, and the overall deterioration of your bathroom. Proper ventilation neutralizes this issue, giving the humidity a place to escape that isn’t your wallpaper, grout, or wooden cabinetry. That’s why it’s usually a good idea to upgrade your ventilation system when you remodel a bathroom. Consult with your builder to make sure the finished product of your remodel comes equipped with a ventilation system of an appropriate size and strength. Plus, today’s ventilation fans are quieter and more effective, which provides a better bathroom experience for you! 

2. Choosing the Wrong Materials

You want the results of your bathroom remodel to last. Otherwise, in a few years, you’ll start seeing all the same problems you had before the remodel again. Ensure that doesn’t happen by choosing materials that can handle the sudden changes in moisture and temperature bathrooms typically undergo. Porcelain, ceramic, and vinyl flooring are common material choices for bathrooms because they are durable, water-tight, and easy to clean. Stone can also be an appropriate (and stunning) choice. However, natural stone does require sealing, maintenance, and careful cleaning. 

3. Putting Looks Over Function

A great bathroom starts with the right layout. You need a bathroom that’s easily navigated, accessible, and personalized for your lifestyle. Start by looking at the placement of your main bathroom fixtures: the shower, sink, vanity, tub, toilet, and other storage. Does their location make sense in the grand scheme of the room? For example, you may want the shower and bathtub right next to one another so you can easily transition between the two. And do you like the way your bathroom is set up now? If not, work to identify what it is that you don’t like and build a bathroom layout that you do. You also need to take plumbing into consideration — but you have professionals to help you with that! 

4. Skimping on Storage 

Bathrooms somehow always manage to accumulate a mess of cleaners, toiletries, half-used personal-care products, and other miscellaneous items. You need a place (or two or three) to store these products, so don’t skimp on storage in your bathroom remodel. Include a mirrored medicine cabinet with back storage and lighting, a vanity with spacious drawers, or a closet. Built-in storage such as wall cubbies or shower recesses can also prove useful and aesthetically pleasing, adding depth to your design. 

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5. Going Too Trendy

Trends come and go, so it’s often best to opt for a timeless look. Choose neutral colors and natural materials as a base, then blend in a combination of decor that has both traditional and modern elements. 

If you want to layer in some current trends, find ways to do so that aren’t necessarily permanent. Say, for example, you love the pink marble aesthetic. It might be tempting to go all out and get a pink marble vanity, but that will likely go out of style in a few years. Instead, get a timeless home vanity and incorporate the marble look in a way that’s easy to swap out such as cool marble wallpaper or framed pink marble images. 

By incorporating trends in an easy-to-change manner, you can constantly update your bathroom with the latest looks — and rid yourself of what’s out. Small bathroom signs with cheeky sayings are one such trend that’s recently fallen in popularity and is a bandwagon homeowners can easily hop off! 

6. Going It Alone 

Tackling a bathroom remodel by yourself is a serious undertaking. Even if you only have a few seemingly simple updates to make, without the proper experience you could end up doing serious damage to your bathroom — and having to pay to get it fixed. By hiring a professional remodeler, you have the assurance that your bathroom remodel will be completed on time, on budget, and to standard. Additionally, while a do-it-yourself bathroom countertop paint job might be acceptable to the eye, we can almost guarantee a professional builder can provide results that look better and last longer. 

Designing Your Next Bathroom

With all these features to include, you’re probably wondering how much remodeling or putting in a bathroom costs. This Corvallis Bathroom Cost Guide gives you the information you need to start formulating your budget and gets you one step closer to your brand new bathroom. 


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