Kitchen & Bath “Must-Haves”

Kitchen & Bath “Must-Haves”

While working on designs, clients often ask, “What would you do if this were your kitchen or bathroom?”. Even though the answer may be different depending on the space, designers find some elements more important than others. Here is Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths' list of kitchen must-haves and bath must-haves for every home. 

Ample Storage

The kitchen and bathroom are function-first rooms. They’re usually filled with cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, personal care products, and other important items you use daily. You accumulate more and more of these items as time goes on, so you’ll never regret having extra storage in the bath or kitchen! Here are a few storage necessities to keep in mind: 

  • Large Drawers: Let’s face it, pots, and pans can be awkward to store. Why not include large drawers for that purpose so utensils can be reached without opening cabinet doors?
  • Junk Drawer: Every kitchen needs a junk drawer and some people need more than one. Rather than ignoring the inevitable, those types of drawers should be included in a kitchen plan, but not in your main work area.
  • Soap & Shampoo Storage: Recessed shelf niches in showers and bathtub walls provide a convenient, easy-to-find place for shampoos and soaps. Extra space for razors is also important.
  • Towel Storage: Robe hooks and towel bars are a great place to hang wet towels but be sure to include storage for clean towels as well.

Artificial & Natural Lighting 

Sufficient lighting is one of the most crucial cooking must-haves. You need proper lighting to see what you’re doing and keep a safe distance from open flames, knives, and other dangerous elements. 

But lighting is about more than just safety; it’s an element of interior design used to create an atmosphere and set the tone for your space. 

  • Task Lighting: Whether it is for food preparation or cleanup, task lighting helps to keep our food and ourselves safe. Bright lights for work centers, dimmable lighting over eating areas, and under-cabinet lights to show off your beautiful backsplash are essential to a well-lit kitchen. You don’t need to do as much in the bathroom; overhead lights should suffice — and all the better if they are dimmable. 
  • Natural Lighting: Natural light brightens and energizes your space by bouncing off your walls and reflective surfaces, creating the illusion of more space. A room with lots of natural light just feels good. But it’s also functional. Natural light is an easy and free way to light your space during daytime hours!
  • Statement Lighting: Most homeowners want their bath or kitchen to have a few design flourishes. Statement lighting can give that extra something you’re looking for while adding more light and ambiance to the room. 

Timeless Design

Achieving a classic look is tedious. You can’t have anything too dated or too trendy. You also want a design that allows you to add or subtract to it as your personal tastes change. We get requests for a timeless bathroom or kitchen all the time, and over the years, we’ve developed go-to design elements for such a look. 

  • Neutral Colors: Neutrals go with everything. Their muted and adaptable nature makes them an ideal choice for timeless design. Plus, neutrals don’t tend to go out of style the way vibrant color fads do. White, cream and beige are among the more popular choices for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • High-Quality Materials: Durable materials are must-haves in the kitchen and bathroom. Rooms that are used and cleaned often need durable, high-quality materials that can hold up over time such as marble, quartz, glass, hardwood, metal, and porcelain. Make sure you prioritize quality materials in your budget — even if it means giving up an extra feature or two. And to keep your bathroom in the best condition possible, invest in a quality ventilation system. 
  • The Wow Factor: We consider backsplashes a canvas waiting for an artistic touch. Whether it’s a special piece of granite or a custom tile design, the backsplash is the place to make a statement. The same can be said of shower walls. Art glass pendants are another way to add that must-have kitchen and bath wow factor. You can also achieve the wow factor by adding an element of luxury like heated floors, a handheld showerhead, or custom storage. 

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Knowing how much your remodeling is going to cost is an absolute must no matter the project type. CCKB’s Kitchen Remodeling Guide and Bathroom Remodeling Guide give you the information you need to estimate your home remodel cost and feel confident moving into the next phase of your remodeling journey. 

Get Must-Haves & More with CCKB

You’ve waited long enough, now is the time to get a kitchen or bath remodel with all the must-haves you’ve always dreamed of! And CCKB is the team to help you do it. Learn about what sets us apart or contact us today.

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