Kitchen Design Trends for Your 2023 Remodel

Kitchen Design Trends for Your 2023 Remodel

Your kitchen is the heart of the home, the hardest working room, and the natural gathering place for friends and family. As you daydream about a kitchen remodel to create a space that works and is trendy, searching for the 2023 kitchen trends will turn up almost too many results. We’re here to help narrow the list with our trusted designer’s top kitchen trends of 2023 you just have to try. 


1. Painted Islands

Introducing a splash of color to your kitchen can be easily done with your island. The trending colors for kitchens in 2023 are warm, like sulfur, a muted dusty mauve, and terra cotta. These warmer tones are a fresh and comfortable injection of color that’s a nice about-face from the cold whites and grays from a few years ago. 

Only painting the island is a great alternative to drenching your kitchen in color if you’re a bit hesitant to make the commitment. Repainting your island in a couple of years is easier than your entire cabinet set, so you won’t have to worry about growing tired of the color in a couple of years. Pair these cozy colors with cream on your parameter cabinets to finish the look. 

2. Medium Wood Tones

Deeper wood tones are on trend for kitchen cabinets in 2023. Using walnut or coffee on your lower cabinets with an earthy green or cream-white paint on your uppers is a great use of these rich wood tones. You could use a medium wood tone on a butcher block top on the island to play with the trend of alternative countertop materials, as well. 

3. Marble Slab Backsplash

Slab backsplashes grew in popularity a couple of years ago and more designers are making this a part of 2023 kitchen designs as well. It’s become so popular as an alternative backsplash that it may even fall into timeless kitchen design status before you know it. It’s easier to clean and offers a solid background for more adventurous applications of color and texture elsewhere in your kitchen. 

For an extra punch, if you’re comfortable with color, choose marble in striking tones like black, green, orange, and pink. These are a nice alternative to an all-white kitchen, especially if you’re partial to keeping your cabinets white or cream. 

4. Colorful Breakfast Nook

Breakfast nooks are working their way back into kitchen designs in 2023. Kitchens are becoming more dynamic spaces with extra room for seating and giving homeowners different options for enjoying morning coffee or a place for the kids to have breakfast while you’re packing lunch boxes. 

If your kitchen design includes a lot of monochromaticity, play with color in the breakfast nook. Fun wallpaper, bright dining chairs, a statement light fixture, and an uplifting area rug offers a contained dose of color that’s fun but not overwhelming. 

5. Butler’s Pantries

Butler’s pantries have been around for centuries but more modern homeowners are opting for this ultra-convenient extra space that’s typically tucked away behind the kitchen. They provide plenty of extra storage, a place to stow your smaller appliances, and many also include an extra sink. If you’re entertaining, it makes for a great spot to keep your dirty dishes and serving ware while the party’s still going. 

6. Designated Bar Area

Designated spaces of all kinds are on homeowners' minds to inject some order and seclusion into homes that are open concept. One of these spaces is the designated bar area. Typically in an alcove off of the kitchen, small bar areas offer a spot to set up a beverage station while you’re entertaining friends and family as well as a space to safely display your heirloom crystal glassware. Include a mix of closed cabinets on the bottom, glass front cabinets above, a mini fridge or wine fridge, and a couple of drawers for your bar tools in your kitchen bar design. 

7. Artisan or Vintage Details

Personalized spaces are one of the most popular design trends in 2023 in every room of the house. In the kitchen, personalized design comes by way of color, textures, and open shelving for books and small plants. On the backsplash, use the patterns and colors of vintage tile across your kitchen. For the lighting fixtures, choose pieces in alternative materials, like hammered copper, woven basket-like pendants, a traditional vintage chandelier, or a series of colorful artisan-blown glass pendants for a contemporary kitchen design. 

Consider kitchen island alternatives, like a vintage farmhouse table or a dining room buffet retrofitted with a butcher block. As for hardware, go for something unique that speaks to your personal style, like colored glass, hand-painted porcelain handles and drawer pulls, or even wooden pulls with embedded agate. 

8. Two-Toned Cabinets

Two-toned custom cabinets are a new kitchen style that became very popular a couple of years ago and are quickly becoming a kitchen design stronghold. Keep a neutral tone on your uppers while being adventurous with a bold trending cabinet color on the lowers, like the 2023 Pantone color of the year, Viva Magenta. For the bold, try emerald green on the uppers and a walnut stain on your lowers. Blend warm tones and cool tones, bold and neutral, natural wood, and the best trending colors of 2023. 

9. Earthy Elements

In line with most of the others on this 2023 trends list, adding earthy elements brings comfort and warmth into your kitchen. Wood, woven textures, handmade tile, natural light, plant life, and natural stone countertops all offer natural textures and elements that will keep your kitchen feeling grounded and restful, even in the busiest room in the house. 

10. Open Shelving

When used sparingly, open shelves can be a great way to showcase a cookbook collection, your favorite teacups, or small plants and travel souvenirs. Open shelving in the kitchen is also a great way to make the space feel larger by allowing the sightlines to extend to the wall rather than a mass of upper cabinets. 

Play with Trends in Your 2023 Kitchen Remodel in Corvallis

Your 2023 kitchen remodel should reflect your personality, and the 2023 trends are all about you. Find your personalized features and finishes in line with this year’s top trends by working with a skilled designer that will work to discover your personal style and kitchen needs. 

Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths is a full-service design-build firm in Corvallis, Oregon, with a focus on getting to know you and your family to deliver a home that’s custom tailored, beautiful, and within your budget and timeline. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss your dream custom kitchen. 


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