The Sentimental Value of Remodeling: Preserving Memories While Creating New Ones

The Sentimental Value of Remodeling: Preserving Memories While Creating New Ones

Remodeling a home is a meaningful process. Home is where life’s most beautiful moments happen. We want to talk about the sentimental moments we create in areas of our homes, ways to preserve those memories in your newly remodeled space, and how to look forward to creating new memories in your updated space.

An Ode to Family Heirloom Furniture

Family heirloom furniture tells a story of your past while infusing your home with timeless elegance. We understand the emotional bond you share with your grandmother's sideboard or your vintage lighted curio, which is why our expert designers work closely with you to incorporate these precious items into your new space. 

Imagine your grandmother's sideboard taking pride of place in your newly remodeled dining room or on the wall behind your sofa. Your vintage lighted curio will stand tall in the family room, preserving the memory of generations past. If your family’s eight-person dining table is a must-keep, be sure to let your designer know to leave enough space in your floorplan to accommodate this treasure. 

If the size is appropriate, your old dining room chandelier can be repurposed to adorn your primary bathroom over your freestanding tub, creating an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication. The warmth of an inherited farmhouse table can be repurposed as a kitchen island, becoming the centerpiece where family memories will continue to unfold.


New Finishes that Evoke Old Memories

Memories can be evoked by colors, patterns, and textures, even through new finishes. Infuse your new space with finishes that honor your memories and tell your unique story. Give your designer any details that you’d like to surround yourself with that will spark a special feeling when you’re in the space.

Imagine a customized kitchen backsplash with a pattern or color palette reminiscent of your great grandparents' cultural heritage, bringing a touch of tradition to your modern kitchen. Wallpaper imported from Italy in your powder room can transport you back to your unforgettable honeymoon. A fieldstone fireplace facade can encapsulate that joyous family hiking trip in the mountains. Each element can be carefully selected to reflect your life’s experiences and keep them alive in your everyday life.


Special Places for Heirlooms

Every heirloom is a treasure, even down to the smallest items you’ve had safely stored away. The fine china from your parents' wedding could grace a unique wall in the kitchen, arranged in an innovative way to break away from traditional displays. Your travel souvenirs, such as a pottery collection from Mexico, can find a home in custom-built shelving in the living room.

Lighted glass-front cabinets can be the perfect showcase for your inherited crystal barware collection. Your bathroom vanity can be designed with a style, color, or material to complement a large mirror from your childhood home. Carefully store your treasured Limoges porcelain serving ware in a butler's pantry with custom storage options, preserving it for generations to come.


Designing a Space for New Memories

While we honor the past, we also look forward to creating new memories in your beautifully remodeled space. Incorporate elements that facilitate family gatherings and intimate moments. Think about the events you’d like to host, the number of people you enjoy having over, and the family activities you’ve always wanted the space for but couldn’t make it work in your current floor plan. 

Consider a large dining table that will host countless holiday dinners, or a kitchen island with seating for six, where friends and family can gather to share laughter and stories while you cook.

A spacious double vanity in your primary bathroom could become the backdrop to a poignant moment, like helping your first-born tie their tie for prom. Your remodeled space is not just a house; it's the setting for the next chapter of your family story. Create added space off of your kitchen or living area for a built-in bar for nightcaps with friends or a family game room. 


Work with a Design-Build Team That Knows the Importance of Making Memories

As you embark on the remodeling journey, create the spaces and choose the design details that both preserve memories and foster the creation of new ones. A blend of the past and the present can lead to a truly unique and sentimental space where old stories are remembered and new ones are waiting to be told.

Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths is a full-service design-build firm that understands the importance of the spaces we live in and share. As a family-owned business, sentiment and intrinsic value is built right into our process. To learn more about working with our team, contact us to schedule a consultation. We can’t wait to hear about your family’s significant moments and treasures! 


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