Planning a Successful Home Addition in Corvallis

Planning a Successful Home Addition in Corvallis

Expanding or adding onto your home is a major undertaking, but when all is said and done, it can extend the serviceable lifespan of the building and make your time there more comfortable and enjoyable.

With the right design and the help of an experienced remodeler, you can add functional square footage throughout your house in Corvallis or create a specific type of room that you need now or in the future. The most important thing is going into the project with a clear idea of what to expect and having a well-thought-out plan to get you from Point A to Point B and make the most of your investment.

Tips for Building a Corvallis Home Addition

There are numerous ways to add onto your Corvallis home. You can build up or out. You can convert a basement or attic. You can expand an existing space or create a whole new room. With this variety of options available to homeowners, every project will look a little different.

However, in general, there are some steps to take that will help you plan a successful home addition, no matter what the specifics. Here are a few tips to use along the way:

1. Figure Out the 'Why'

The first step to planning a successful home addition in Corvallis is to determine your main priorities or the reason why you are taking on this project in the first place. Is your kitchen feeling cramped and inefficient when you use it at the same time as other household members? Do you need a new bedroom to accommodate a growing family or to provide a comfortable place for your guests and relatives to stay? Do you need an office space to suit your work-from-home plan? Could your older children benefit from having more room to spread out, get privacy and hang out with friends? The answers to these and other questions give you the information required to determine an appropriate scope of work.

2. Establish a Realistic Budget

Your budget is another important driving factor when it comes to planning a residential addition or expansion. Although you won’t start working with concrete numbers until later in your project, it’s essential to establish a rough budget from the start. This should clarify the maximum amount that you can or want to spend, so your remodeling team can develop the scope of work for your home addition accordingly. However, it’s important that you also do some preliminary research on average home addition costs so that you have realistic expectations.

3. Finding the Right Financing 

You may have savings to cover some or most of your home addition in Corvallis, but many homeowners require extra financing of some sort to cover the remainder. There are a few common ways to finance a residential improvement project, from a home equity line of credit (HELOC) and home equity loan to a personal loan, cash-out refinance or traditional line of credit. The type of financing that is appropriate for your remodel depends on several factors, including the overall project price, the estimated timeline for design and construction, and your personal circumstances. Keep in mind that it usually takes a little time to get approved for a loan, so you want to apply early in the home addition process in order to not delay progress.

4. Select a Qualified Contractor 

The next step in the home addition process is to hire a qualified construction firm to help you bring your vision to life. You will be working closely with your contractor for several months, making it akin to a long-term relationship. Meanwhile, the company you choose will impact each future part of the project, from the design to the budget and timeline. Do your due diligence and make this decision carefully. At the very least, the company you contract with should be licensed, bonded and insured. Beyond that, you want to make sure they clearly understand your project priorities and your style preferences. It also doesn’t hurt to have good rapport and strong communication. That can make or break the success of your project and the type of home improvement experience you have.

5. Make a Plan for Your Family 

Home additions, by nature, cause some disruption to your home life. That’s inevitable. However, being prepared for the noise and commotion enables you to prepare your emotionally and mentally and even plan ahead logistically. Before breaking ground, your contractor will give you a detailed schedule about who will be at your home — aka, the job site — and when. You should also share with them your expectations and if there are certain times when you need privacy or quiet. If your home addition impacts your kitchen, talk to your team about setting up a temporary kitchen space elsewhere on your property. You may also want to plan a short vacation sometime during construction so you can get away from the noise and debris and recharge on your own or with your family.

Moving Forward on Your House Addition in Corvallis

Building an addition onto your home in Corvallis or a nearby community is a unique opportunity to make the space more functional for your family and enhance its long-term value at the same time. It’s important that your project is designed to meet your specific needs so you get the most out of the time and money you are investing. At Corvallis Custom Kitchen and Baths, we have the skills and services to make that happen. We are all about designing and building remodels and additions that are customized to each individual home and family. Our team is equipped to handle each aspect of your home improvement project, from start to finish, so you can confidently expect a smooth, efficient process that leaves you with a new and improved home in Corvallis.

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