What You Need to Know About Building an Addition in Corvallis, Oregon

What You Need to Know About Building an Addition in Corvallis, Oregon

A home addition project in Corvallis offers the chance to not only give your family some needed breathing room but also to boost your home's value and functionality. It's a win-win-win! 

Thoughtfully planned additions cater to your immediate needs while making your home more attractive to future buyers if you decide to sell down the line. With the increasing demand for flexible living spaces in Corvallis, now is an excellent time to explore how an addition can revolutionize your home.

What to Consider When Building an Addition?

Building an addition is different than other types of remodels. There are multiple considerations to keep in mind that will affect your planning. Let's explore a few of the most important ones.


Understanding the purpose behind your project is essential, whether it's to design a space for a home office, creating a luxurious primary suite, or planning an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) as a rental unit.

Establishing clear goals at the outset not only shapes the project's scope but also steers the design and planning process in the right direction. Early clarity in your objectives facilitates seamless communication with your home addition contractor, ensuring they grasp the essence of what you aim to achieve. 



Navigating the zoning restrictions and building codes in Corvallis is a critical step when planning an addition to your home. These local regulations play a significant role in shaping the size, location, and design of your building addition, especially when considering Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) for secondary income.

Corvallis has specific ordinances regarding building distances from property lines and height restrictions that could impact your plans for adding a second story or expanding your living space. Early consultation can offer valuable insights, helping you avoid legal hurdles and unnecessary redesigns, thereby saving time and frustration.

This step is particularly important for homeowners looking to leverage their house addition for ROI through ADUs, catering to the university area's demand for studio apartments and suites.



Even if moving isn't on your horizon, recognizing the potential value an addition to your house can bring is important to keep in mind. An (ADU) in Corvallis, for instance, isn't just an expansion—it's an investment.

These design additions can unlock passive income opportunities, especially appealing in a university area where studio apartments or mother-in-law suites are in demand. Whether you're contemplating selling in the future, refinancing, or considering a home equity line of credit, a thoughtfully executed building addition can substantially boost your property's marketability and appeal, offering both immediate benefits and long-term financial gains.



When contemplating an addition to your house in Corvallis, deciding between a second-story addition or a first-floor addition is pivotal. This choice hinges on how much of your yard you're willing to advocate for a building addition.

It's a key factor in shaping your design additions, with upward expansions often being the go-to when preserving outdoor space is a priority. Consideration of how your home addition will integrate with surrounding structures, such as a neighbor's property, is essential.

Mindful house addition planning ensures that your new space not only adds value but also harmoniously complements your existing outdoor living areas, enhancing the overall appeal and functionality of your home.



To ensure your home addition seamlessly blends with your Corvallis home, it's important to collaborate closely with your design-build architect. Even something as modest as a bathroom addition should be cohesive.

Focus on selecting finishes and architectural features that mirror the style of your existing home. This includes careful consideration of how the addition to your house's roofline will merge with your current structure, the continuity of the interior layout, and maintaining the proportions and design style that define your home.

Achieving a balance between introducing modern conveniences and preserving the home's original charm is something to keep a close eye on, particularly if a full home renovation isn't in the plans. The aim is to create something that feels fresh while maintaining relevance to the original home.



When adding an addition to your house in Corvallis, have a conversation with your home addition contractor about their strategies for protecting the spaces that aren't part of the remodel.

This becomes even more important if you're staying in your home during the construction. Consider how to shield your home from the elements, keep dust at bay, and ensure the safety of your furnishings and finishes. Implementing effective protection measures, such as using plastic covers for furniture, securing belongings in a storage pod on your property, or temporarily relocating items to a storage facility, is essential for maintaining your home's condition and reducing post-construction cleanup efforts.


Unlock Your Home's Potential with a Custom Addition

Adding to your home in Corvallis is not just an investment in square footage but in your property's future value and versatility. Whether it's creating an ADU, expanding your kitchen, or adding a second story, the benefits are invaluable.

To ensure your project is handled with expertise and precision, contact Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths. Our dedicated team specializes in bringing your vision to life, ensuring every addition is as seamless as it is stunning. Contact us to schedule your personal consultation today. 


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Planning a Successful Home Addition in Corvallis
Planning a Successful Home Addition in Corvallis