Why Choosing a Design-Build Contractor is Best for Your Corvallis Remodel

Why Choosing a Design-Build Contractor is Best for Your Corvallis Remodel

The kitchen, bathroom, or home you aspire to is within reach. You only need to find the right home-building team to make your dream remodel real. One of the most ideal options Corvallis offers to achieve your home goals is working with a remodeling design-build contractor. Here's why. 

What Is Design-Build?

Design-build does it all. Consider it a one-call remodel. You pick up the phone, call a design-builder, and they handle every aspect of your project. You don't have to go anywhere else for help because a remodeling design-build contractor has all the professionals you need to complete your dream remodel working under the same roof — from designers to carpenters, project managers, general contractors, and more. This differs from traditional building processes and benefits you in several unique ways! 

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Why Is Design-Build the Best?

We follow the design-build methodology at Corvallis Custom Kitchens and Baths because it enables us to create homes and experiences our clients love. We genuinely believe design-build is the best way to remodel your home. Let's explore the design-build benefits to show you why.


Streamlined Experience 

Design-build offers straightforward homeowner experiences unlike any other. In other building processes — say, design-bid-build, for example — you must seek assistance on your remodel from multiple parties. You reach out to a designer or architect from one company to draw your designs, seek bids on those plans, then choose a general contractor to build them. Your architect and contractor don't know each other, which can lead to a whole host of problems, from disagreements on the designs to cost discrepancies and even abdication of responsibility (we'll touch on those more below). 

Design-build is the solution to this problem. In this methodology, your entire remodeling group already knows and works closely with one another. You don't have to search extensively for the right professionals when your design-build remodeling group brings them all together. Plus, staying in touch is simple when working in design-build vs. architect and general contractor models. You know exactly who to call if you have questions or concerns about the process, which can save you a lot of stress! 


Quality Communication & Collaboration

When you partner with a cohesive design-build team, communication and collaboration flow naturally. Your team already has set up the communication channels, internal infrastructure, and best practices to succeed. They know how to work together; the better they can do that, the better the chance of blowing you away with your remodel.

 A bonus is that your general contractor and other construction experts — who usually don't enter the picture until after the design process concludes — involve themselves in the process from the beginning. That way, they can give feedback to the designers early on in the process, catching potential logistical conflicts early on and resolving them during the design phase; this saves time and money and ultimately leads to a higher quality design. 


Cost Consistency 

Architects create plans in a vacuum when contractors don't come on the scene until after design. Without a general contractor or other construction-minded individuals to keep your designer on track, sometimes their plans get out of hand and end up costing way more than you wanted! Of course, that's not how things work in design-build. You get a more accurate cost estimate when your contractor is involved in the process from day one. A 2018 study by the Construction Industry Institute and the Charles Pankow Foundation is proof. The study found that of over 200 construction projects, design-build projects (as opposed to design-bid-build) provide the most accurate estimate of cost and timeline. Having these estimates upfront allows you to plan your life around your remodel with ease!


Quicker Completion 

The same study also examined the length of time projects of a similar nature took to complete. It found that design-build projects finish 102% faster than design-bid-build. So, not only do you have an accurate understanding of your timeline from the beginning, but your timeline is also likely to be shorter. 


Full Accountability  

When you work with independent entities to design and construct your remodel, no one party is responsible if something goes wrong. Maybe the plans cost way more than you can afford or, for some technical reason, design and actual construction are incompatible. In that case, your general contractor can blame your architect and vice versa. That ends up being a lot of finger-pointing and blaming — and very little fixing of the problem. But with design-build, one company is responsible for your entire remodel. If there's a problem, they take ownership of their mistake and set about remedying it immediately instead of trying to shift blame onto someone else. 


Better Results 

All these benefits of design-build culminate in a better remodel. Your design-builder takes pride in what they do and wants to provide you with the best product possible — especially since it's solely their name on the project. Increased communication and collaboration lead to creative solutions that save you time, money, and headaches. Plus, because you interact with the entirety of your remodeling team from the very beginning, everyone gets a clear understanding of your priorities and concerns. These stay top of mind throughout every phase of the process, ensuring the end product is a home you love. 


Home Design Corvallis: The Best the City has to Offer

Design-build is the bridge that allows homeowners like you to achieve the home of their dreams. CCKB has guided homeowners across that bridge for 20 years, and we're ready to be your guide too. Learn more about the process that sets us apart from other builders, or contact us today to build your dream home together. 


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