7 Benefits of Living in Oregon

7 Benefits of Living in Oregon

Quirky. Geographical diversity. Natural beauty. These are just a few of the terms that may come to mind when you think of Oregon.

While Portland has cultivated the most prominent reputation among other cities and towns, there is so much more to this state. From the high desert and volcanic rock formations to wind-swept plains, rich valleys and the majestic Pacific Coast, the state of Oregon has different environments that appeal to the vastly varying lifestyles and interests of prospective homeowners.

Why Should I Build a Home in OR? 

While the structure and style of your house itself play a critical role in your long-term comfort and quality of life, your family’s well being is also dependent on the surrounding area. Here are some of the benefits of making your home in Oregon:

1. Public Beaches

Oregon’s biggest draw is arguably its natural beauty, which includes its roughly 363-mile coastline. Along with several scenic beach towns—from Cannon Beach and Manzanita to Newport and Yachats—you will find bustling harbors, lovely state parks, and towering dunes. Thanks to the Oregon Beach Bill, a piece of landmark legislation passed in 1967, Oregon’s coast remains free and public from the first dune down to the shoreline. No matter where you live in Oregon, a relaxing and fun beach getaway is doable for a day trip or weekend vacation. You can surf, picnic, fly kites, build sandcastles, walk barefoot in the sand, and watch sunsets over the Pacific Ocean to your heart's delight.

2. Outdoor Recreation Galore 

The Oregon Coast is stunning, but there are numerous opportunities for other types of outdoor recreation in the mountains and plains of our Beaver State. For skiing and snowboarding across varying terrain, you can hit up Mount Hood, Mount Bachelor, or Willamette Pass. Go rock climbing at Smith Rock near Bend, Oregon, or travel to Carver Woods and Larch Mountain. Take a day trip to the stunning Crater Lake National Park for one-of-a-kind views. Oregon also offers numerous destinations for hiking, backpacking, camping, birding, trail running, and whitewater rafting, or you and your family can simply go explore one of the numerous state and national parks located in the area.

3. Great Public Universities 

Oregon has seven public universities, each with unique strengths and academic programs, that serve students across the state and country. The University of Oregon (UO) in Eugene is the top-rated college in the state in addition to being ranked No. 103 in the country. Oregon State University in Corvallis is a close second. OSU, home of the Beavers, is 90 minutes south of Portland and an hour drive from the Pacific coast. Reed College, just a few minutes from downtown Portland, is a private institution that is ranked No. 63 for National Liberal Arts Colleges as of 2021. Even if you don’t have college-aged students, you will have lots of fun attending collegiate-level athletic games and competitions, as well as performing arts productions put on by university programs.

4. No Sales Tax 

One perk that Oregonians enjoy is the lack of a sales tax on purchases at stores and restaurants. That means when you go to the grocer or a boutique shop, and you find an item for $29.98, that’s exactly what you will pay for it. Oregon is one of only five states in the country that doesn’t collect a sales tax. It certainly makes calculating your tab at a restaurant or the cost of your groceries much simpler. Currently, under Oregon law, you have to pay a 10-cent container deposit on all beverage containers that are three liters or smaller in size, but you can get your deposit back when you recycle.

5. High Quality of Life 

According to Sharecare’s Community Well-being Index, Oregon is ranked No. 10 in the country. That means Oregon residents, in general, feel more satisfied with their lives and how things are going in their communities than residents in a majority of other states. The index takes into consideration indicators such as economic security, finances, food access, healthcare access, housing and transportation, and key social factors.

6. Oregon Wine Country 

Speaking of natural beauty, you don’t have to be a sports enthusiast to enjoy what Oregon has to offer. Take Willamette Valley, for example, which is fondly known as Oregon Wine Country. Within a 150-mile range, you have your choice of more than 500 wineries that take a handcrafted approach to making wine. However, this beautiful area also encompasses historic towns, craft breweries, farm-to-table dining, cycling along the river, roadside stands, and much more.

7. Healthy Economy 

Pre-pandemic, Oregon had the sixth fastest-growing economy in the country, with lots of new jobs in a variety of sectors. While the state was hit hard by the pandemic—particularly the tourism and hospitality industries that several coastal towns rely upon—there is resiliency. According to a recent report, Oregon’s economy is expected to return to health by early-2023, which is more than a full year earlier than expected in the first post-COVID forecast released in May 2020. In addition to tourism and hospitality, you can find employment in several other fields, including logging, fishing, education, medicine, and retail, to name a few

Building a New Home in Western Oregon 

There are several benefits of living in the state of Oregon, not least of which is an overall desirable quality of life. In Western Oregon cities like Corvallis, you will find several of these benefits coalesce. Not only is Corvallis in the heart of Oregon Wine Country, but it is also home to OSU, plenty of natural areas, and a thriving economy. If you are looking to build a new home or purchase and renovate an existing house in the region, Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths can help. With our design-build services, we can collaborate with you on a custom project to ensure your home is as satisfactory as your life in Oregon.


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