The Best Beaches in Oregon

The Best Beaches in Oregon

The beautiful Oregon Coast is a 362-mile long scenic ocean-side paradise. There are so many unique beaches here that any list is bound to miss some. Here at Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths, we get a lot of inspiration from the beauty of Oregon’s beaches, and so do many of our clients. So, whether you’re thinking about kitchen renovation materials or creating a spa bathroom that makes you feel like you’re at the coast, we’re here for you!


Public Access Beach Near Me in Corvallis, Oregon

Oregon’s beaches are, by law, all open for public access. So as soon as you arrive in Newport from Route 20, you can go north or south along Route 101 and find so many beaches. Are you looking for a place to swim? A place to read or contemplate life? Would you rather explore tide pools? Or do you just want to go for a long walk and take some stunning pictures? No matter what your fancy, there’s a beach on this list for you:


Best Beaches in Oregon for Swimming

The Oregon Coast faces the North Pacific Ocean. This means some people find the water too cold for their swimming enjoyment. So, if you ask, “Can you swim in the ocean in Oregon?” The answer is yes, but just remember, this is not Cancun or Fiji. You’ll also want to brush up on your Oregon coast safety tips before diving in. You’ll need to know how to avoid rip tides, sneaker waves and floating logs. There are some great Oregon swimming beaches up near Lincoln City, including Lincoln City Beach, D River State Recreation Site or Siletz Bay (a lot calmer and not near the immediate waves). Ecola State Park is another good option. Head further north to Pacific City’s Cape Kiwanda beach or, of course, Cannon Beach.


What is the Warmest Beach in Oregon?

Go all the way down south to Brookings and visit Harris State Park, Secret Beach or Gold Beach if you are looking to warm up. Brookings, Oregon, right on the southern Oregon Coast, sometimes has the warmest temperatures in Oregon. This area is situated so that it doesn’t quite receive the amount of wind as beaches further to the north, which makes it feel warmer.


Best Oregon Surfing Beaches

Yes, even though the water is… not warm here, there are a lot of Oregon surfing enthusiasts who don wetsuits in search of the perfect wave. Keep your skill level in mind when choosing an Oregon surfing beach because Oregon can have some massive and dangerous waves. For those of you who are trying the sport for the first time, give it a whirl at Indian Beach at Ecola State Park, or Cannon Beach. If you’re experienced, you can try Agate Beach or Roads End.


Best Oregon Walking Beaches

Any good long stretch of sand beach Oregon locals regularly stroll is fair game for a good walk. Again, Cannon Beach is a wonderful stroll, as is the Cape Kiwanda beach. The beach at Seaside, Nye Beach (closer to Newport) and Agate Beach are all great strolls as well.


Places to Go Tide Pool Exploring

Exploring tide pools at low tide is a lot of fun. You get to see the hardy creatures that make the dynamic intertidal zone their home! You might see anything from ocher sea stars and giant green anemones to hermit crabs, clingfish and “gumboot” chitons! In fact, Newport, which is kind of like Corvallis’ coastal counterpart, is home to a fascinating place called “Cobble Beach”, which is part of the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area (complete with a scenic lighthouse). It is one of the few black sand beaches in Oregon—actually, most of the beach is made of these round, orb-like basaltic rocks called “cobbles” that can be challenging to walk on. If you go at low tide, however, you can get out to some rocky tide pools and explore.


Best Northern Oregon Beaches

People sometimes consider Cannon Beach the “Portland beach” because that’s where a lot of Portlanders go for the weekend, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy that and Seaside Beach Oregon too! These are probably the most popular and well-known northern Oregon beaches, but some other amazing beaches up north include: Rockaway Beach, Neahkahnie Beach, Manzanita, Oceanside and Hug Point. And Cape Meares isn’t far from the famous Tillamook Creamery, famous for its cheese, ice cream and other delicious dairy delights!


We’ll Work While You’re at the Beach

The Oregon Coast is one of the most amazing places to visit, and we could list hundreds of places you should see, but ultimately, only you can answer the question, "What is the nicest beach in Oregon?" It’s a great place to get away while we work on the fine details of your kitchen or bath remodeling project, or your custom home addition in Corvallis. Contact us today for a personal consultation.


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