2022 Best Neighborhoods to Live in the Corvallis Area

2022 Best Neighborhoods to Live in the Corvallis Area

Corvallis, Oregon, is beautiful. I'm biased, I'll admit — having worked and lived here for 20 years — but there's compelling evidence to back me up. Tucked inland just 50 miles from the Pacific coast in the Willamette Valley, the Corvallis area is a nature lover's dream. Mild weather year-round and superb scenery make ideal conditions for recreational activities; head just outside of town for some of the best hiking and biking trails in the state. For something more challenging, drive up to the nearest ski resort or surfing hotspot. The city's walkability and bike-friendly infrastructure also encourage inhabitants to take advantage of the outdoors daily. 

Beyond its natural beauty, Corvallis is home to a diverse and friendly population. Oregon State University supports a large number of students and university professionals. Events from the university keep the community busy, and when it's not, there are many restaurants, wineries, parks, shops, and activities to explore. If you need a change of pace, find amusement 80 miles North in Portland. 

If you're moving to Corvallis or the surrounding areas, you're making an excellent decision (again, in my opinion). But now comes the part where you have to narrow down where in the Corvallis area you're going to live. Do you want to be in the city's heart near all the excitement? Or further away, where it's peaceful? You might not know exactly what you want. But we can help you figure it out. Review these tips on choosing a neighborhood for your family. Then get our picks for three of the best neighborhoods in Corvallis from a home builder who knows the area! 

How to Find the Best Neighborhoods 

Moving your family to a new neighborhood, city, or state isn't a decision you take lightly. Where you live has a massive impact on your quality of life. Then there's also the matter of navigating the move. There's a lot to consider and pressure to make the right choice, but these tips from CCKB help you push the noise away and narrow in on what you want in a neighborhood: 


1. Figure Out the Right Fit 

Finding where is the most desirable place to live for the next 10, 20, or even 30 years of your life requires you to consider your needs and interests carefully. Bikers or dog owners may appreciate an area filled with trails and walking paths. Meanwhile, growing families may want a place to lay down their roots near a preferred daycare or the best schools. Your community, commute time, school district, proximity to stores, and more are all determined by your neighborhood. So, take your time deciding what qualities you want in yours! 


2. Do Your Research 

When you know what you want out of a neighborhood, start looking for places that fit the bill. This blog is an excellent place to start. However, you may also want to research specific topics. Take safety, for example. Researching questions like, "Are the suburbs safe?" or "Where are the safest places to live?" can help you narrow down your options and feel more secure. Check out the ratings for local schools, crime statistics, property taxes, home value, public transportation, and other metrics. If you have the opportunity, visit the neighborhood multiple days at different times to get a feel for the area. 


3. Consult the Professionals 

No one knows the homes and neighborhoods in the Willamette Valley better than the professionals who work there. Design builders, general contractors, and real estate agents alike can provide inside knowledge on various locations throughout the city. Teams like Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths travel all around the area for jobs. Over time, we get to know Corvallis intimately, and we're happy to share what we've learned with Corvallis' residents (current or future). 

Have questions about the area? Curious about where you can find the best homes? Connect with us today. Tell us what you want in a neighborhood; we'll help you locate— and better yet, create — a home you love


Best Neighborhoods to Live in the Corvallis Area 


College Hill

Historic neighborhoods have that certain something. Call it whatever you like — understated grandeur, a strong sense of character, stories, and secrets to tell — historic districts are some of the most beautiful neighborhoods around. They possess an atmosphere unlike any other. That's precisely the air Corvallis' College Hill evokes. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2002, the College Hill West Historic District contains over 250 houses built between 1916 and 1935. As the name suggests, College Hill is next to Oregon State University. Many of the district's residents are college students or professionals. In fact, the neighborhood has been called home by six OSU presidents. Proximity to the university can pose some logistical issues (increased traffic, disturbances during significant university events, etc.). However, the university also provides a dynamic, unique community. 



Those who prefer a slight separation from the city should check out Philomath. This unassuming yet charming city in the Willamette Valley provides the conveniences of a big city without all the hassle. Marys Peak, the highest point around, towers above Philmath attracting nature enthusiasts. On a clear day, those who hike to the top can see the Pacific glinting in the distance. The community is home to a weekly summer farmers' market, the Philomath Museum, and several festivals celebrating local businesses, traditions, and history throughout the year. You also have excellent schools to choose from, with the Philomath School District ranking seventh-best in the state on Niche



Though considered part of the Corvallis metropolitan area, this small town provides the quiet of the country. Agriculture is enormous here. Volcanic-ash enriched soil feeds vineyards and Christmas tree farms that abound across the valley landscape. The natural beauty in the area cannot be understated. It's an attraction that draws many and accommodates outdoor activities galore. Fish on the Alsea River, go for a hike or try mountain biking. And with Corvallis a 20-minute drive away, city excitement is never far!


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