Neighborhood Spotlight: Monroe, Oregon

Neighborhood Spotlight: Monroe, Oregon

It’s possible that you’ve never heard of Monroe, Oregon, and even if you have, you might even wonder which county is Monroe, Oregon in? Situated at the south end of Benton County, Oregon, it's a suburban-rural town about 20 minutes south of Corvallis on State Route W99, and about an hour north of Eugene, Oregon by the same route.

As you can imagine, there’s a healthy Beavers v. Ducks rivalry here. But there is so much more to Monroe than that. If you are looking into houses for sale in Monroe, Oregon, or you are thinking of building your own custom home here, these are a few need-to-know details about the area.


Is Monroe, Oregon a Good Place to Live?

Monroe is a unique, but small town nestled in the central Willamette Valley, a bit off of the beaten track, since it’s not along the busy I-5 corridor. It’s considered part of the broader Corvallis metropolitan area. Being only 20 minutes south of Corvallis gives its residents the benefits of living in the country, but having easy access to all kinds of amenities within easy reach. Monroe, Oregon real estate is also a little less expensive than in Corvallis, just because it’s a way out of town, and further away from other major population centers. The Monroe population, at the latest count, hovered between 640 and 650 people, all living within the Monroe, Oregon zip code of 97456. It’s closer to Corvallis than Lebanon, OR, which is about a 30-minute drive from Corvallis, over on the east side of I-5. Monroe is also a comparable distance from Corvallis as Albany, OR, which is about 20 minutes northeast of Corvallis, and much closer to I-5.

One of the best things about living in Monroe is its gorgeous natural beauty. No matter whether you decide to live in town, or find a house somewhere out in the woods near here, you’ll soon see why Oregoninans get very attached to this place and pine for it when they’re away. But only you can decide whether this is your next stop for a home. Here are some other things to consider about living in Monroe:


1. What is There to Do in Monroe, Oregon?

In a place with stunning natural scenery and rich volcanic soil, you’ll have no shortage of vineyards for wine tastings and U-Pick farms you can visit for the freshest produce. In fact, the Broadley Vineyards headquarters is right here in Monroe, with Thursday through Sunday tastings that include well-paired snacks to go with your choice of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Rose’ or Pinot Gris “Romato.” It’s a local favorite.

In addition to savoring the local produce and wines, there is an important piece of Willamette Valley history you can visit: the Hull-Oakes Lumber Company. It’s both a functioning sawmill and a museum that describes how the lumber industry shaped much of Oregon history, and how it is moving into a more sustainable future. In addition to being the only remaining steam-powered sawmill still operating in the United States, capable of sawing logs 85 feet long. Some of our clients source their sustainable wood products for their renovation and remodeling projects here, in fact.

It’s impossible to talk about Monroe without talking about how easy it is to access a wide variety of outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing and more. Just some examples include the Alsea Falls Trailhead and Campground to the west, the William L Finley National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center to the north, the huge trees of Bellfountain County Park, and Hult Pond, where you can hike, camp and pick berries! Those are just some of the highlights. As you explore the area, you’ll find countless other outdoor activities to enjoy near Monroe.


Monroe, Oregon Restaurants

While Monroe boasts its own three home-grown restaurants and a coffee house, there are many others in the greater Monroe Corvallis area, so you’re sure to find something that suits your appetite any day of the week, from Mexican to Thai to Italian and everything in between. The three restaurants you’ll find right in town are:

  • The Long Timber Brewing Company—A great place to sample some local brews and home-grown American pub food after a long hike.
  • Benny’s Pizza Joint—Every town should have a good pizza place, and Monroe has Benny’s, with a robust menu that is often a favorite with locals after a day at the vineyard.
  • Long Branch Bar and Grill—A small-town burger joint gem that can handle large groups and even impresses the folks from Portland.

Considering that the distance from Portland to Corvallis is about 80 miles (an hour and 50 minutes on 99W, or about 90 minutes via I-5, depending on traffic), it’s saying something that people will go another 20 minutes to try out these local foodie establishments.


Weather in Monroe, Oregon

If you’re going to live in the western half of Oregon, where Monroe is located, you’ll need to be prepared for rain. If the average U.S. rainfall is about 38 inches a year, consider that Monroe (and surrounding communities) average around 53 inches a year. It’s the price Oregonians pay for their amazing food and scenery. If you plan to move to Monroe, Oregon, just invest in some sturdy rain gear, and you’ll be fine. Otherwise, the temperatures are usually quite middle-of-the-road. It gets hot and dry in the summers (80s and 90s), but seldom snows or freezes in the winter (hovering just above the freezing level).


Looking into Monroe, Oregon Real Estate?

If you’re thinking about moving to Corvallis or any of the communities in its orbit, like Monroe, you will find some beautiful existing homes in the area, but there is also a lot of land available to build your own custom home on as well. At Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths, our home-grown design-build experts will help you bring your renovation or custom-built home vision to life. Contact us today to get started.


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