3 Best Things to Do in Corvallis, Oregon This Spring

3 Best Things to Do in Corvallis, Oregon This Spring

Nothing feels quite as good as emerging from a long winter into a bright cheery spring; and as the days grow longer, the weather warmer, it’s time to do just that. This season, set aside some time to celebrate spring and explore all the fun things to do in Corvallis, Oregon! 

Not sure where to start? The Corvallis Custom Kitchens and Baths team has been working on home remodeling projects in the area for 20 years, so we’ve gotten to know it pretty well. We not only know the best neighborhoods in the area, but we’re also familiar with local attractions, Corvallis’ parks, as well as other events and activities that make for a good time. Keep reading for our recommendations for the three best spring activities to do in Corvallis.

1. Get Outside

Sweet Creek in the Siuslaw national forest in Oregon | Flickr

It’s simple, refreshing, and often it’s free, making hiking or otherwise enjoying the outdoors one of the most accessible activities in the area. Plus, the parks in Corvallis, Oregon are beautiful and bountiful. Local favorites include the 40-acre Peavy Arboretum and Avery Park Rose Garden, home to 1,200 rose bushes of over 250 varieties, both of which are located in Willamette Valley. If you don’t mind driving a bit, you can also check out the nearby Siuslaw National Forest where you can engage in other recreational activities such as mountain biking and fishing. 

But don’t limit yourself there. There are trails all over the region for you to explore — simply pick one and start walking! Personally, we recommend the Mid-Willamette Valley Food Trail, which highlights the agricultural offerings of the region, taking you along farmer’s markets, historic sites, and more. And, don’t forget it’s wildflower season. Go in search of glacier lilies, firewood, and other blossoming flowers with this wildflower guide

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention golfing as another great way to experience the outdoors in Corvallis. This time of year the golf courses are beautiful and the Trysting Tree Golf Club is just a stone’s throw away from downtown Corvallis. You can also visit the Albany Golf and Event Center or the Diamond Woods Golf Course

2. Experience Downtown

Oregon State university arial view - Unsplash

Not everyone likes being in nature with the dirt and the bugs, so luckily there are still plenty of things to do in Corvallis that don’t involve direct contact with the outdoors. Instead of hiking through muddy trails, take a leisurely stroll through downtown Corvallis and you’ll be surprised how many wonderful sights, sounds, and tastes you’ll find along your way. 

You can window gaze, shop, or stop at the art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, breweries, and the multitude of other quaint shops that fill the downtown storefronts. Or you can catch some entertainment at one of two nearby theaters or Darkside Cinema, which specializes in art films and indie movies. Then, of course, you can simply wander around the area with friends or family, seeing who can spot more historic buildings or public art first! There’s also the Riverside Commemorative Park and the Corvallis Farmer’s Market, where you can purchase fresh fruits, veggies, dairy, and other goods from the local area. 

While you’re downtown, pop into the Benton County Historical Society’s Corvallis Museum. It’s the perfect place to spend a rainy spring day and you can see a wide range of historic items, art, lectures, educational programs, and exhibitions. You can also check out exhibits at The Arts Center or catch a performance at the Majestic Theater, Whiteside Theater, or the nearby Oregon State University campus.

3. Satisfy Your Cravings

two women holding glass of champagnes

Spring is all about new growth — and new growth needs something to fuel it. For the landscape, it’s the spring showers; but, for us, it’s food. If you’re lucky, wonderful, delicious, mouth-watering food (and drink). This spring, give yourself the gift of a good meal. Corvallis has plenty of great restaurants to choose from whether you’re craving burgers, tacos, sushi, or whatever else. 

In addition to good food, Corvallis is known for our wineries. Though wine season doesn’t officially start until Memorial Day weekend, you’re always welcome to swing by a winery to sample delicious locally-made wines. If wine isn’t your style, Corvallis also has several craft breweries where you can quench your thirst. 

Switch It Up This Spring

Full of stunning natural beauty, a robust downtown, and quality dining, Corvallis is sure to help you shake off your winter stupor and come alive with the springtime. But if getting out of the house isn’t giving you the change of pace you need, it might be time to consider a bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, or another type of home improvement project. Learn more about what these services entail or get started today.


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