The Best Summer Activities in Corvallis, Oregon

The Best Summer Activities in Corvallis, Oregon

So, what are some summer events near Corvallis? As anyone who’s ever lived here can tell you, it’s easy to find things to do in Corvallis in the summer, regardless of what flavors of activities you’re into. It has that small, college-town feel, but is within easy reach of just about anything you could possibly want to do, whether it’s shopping in exclusive boutiques, going to a wine tasting, finding a great hiking or biking trail, taking in a little Shakespeare in the park, and so much more.

Corvallis, Oregon attractions run the gamut, so get out your planner and get excited about these Corvallis activities that will give you a taste of summer Oregon fun!


What's There to Do During the Summer in Oregon?

The list that answers that question is so long, we could write a book —or several. Many have tried! Oregon is such a beautiful, widely-varied state with stunning natural beauty, and Corvallis is nestled right in the middle of the verdant Willamette Valley. So, if you plan to visit Corvallis, or maybe even move here, check out some of this Corvallis entertainment:


1. Visit Some U-Pick Farms

U-pick apple orchard corvallis or

There’s nothing so farm-to-table as picking your own produce, right off the bush, tree or vine, and then bringing it home to eat. This is one of the most time-honored summer activities in Oregon. Everyone (from college students living in the dorms to folks living in the best neighborhoods in Corvallis, Oregon) enjoys getting their hands on the freshest possible strawberries, blueberries, Anjou and Asian pears, grapes, apples, apricots, raspberries, marionberries, loganberries, melons, veggies, herbs and so much more!


2. Go to the Farmer’s Market

farmers market produce assortment corvallis oregon

Source: Visit Corvallis

Too busy to pick your own produce? Peruse the Corvallis Farmers’ Market. Unlike other farmer’s markets, this one is open two days a week: Wednesday and Saturday. It winds its way along the waterfront with delicious produce, local honey, baked goods and a host of other arts, crafts and live music.


3. Delicious Local Beverages

wise cracks coffees shop corvallis or

Source: Visit Corvallis

Corvallis is home to a host of hip, local coffee houses, like Wise Cracks (a local favorite), each with its own flavors and characters. You’ll also want to check out some of the local wineries in the area. Tyee Wine Cellars is right here in Corvallis, as is 2 Towns Ciderhouse, which features several varieties of hard cider made from local, seasonal whole fruits. In fact, you can venture north, south, east or west of Corvallis and still come across a treasure trove of other local wineries, coffee houses and brewers, all with their own unique character and style, so you’ll never get bored looking for something tasty to drink.


4. Get Outside

oregon landscape with trees and mountains

Corvallis is home to a host of wild natural areas, wildlife refuges and arboretums where you can hike, bike, explore, go camping, wildlife viewing and generally just get out and breathe the fresh Oregon air. Put these down on your must-visit list:

  • William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge—A wetland prairie area just 10 miles south of Corvallis with interpretive trails and the opportunity to see several threatened species.
  • Bald Hill Natural Area—a collection of hiking and biking trails with a host of bird watching opportunities and amazing views from the top of Bald Hill.
  • Peavy Arboretum—Hike, picnic and learn all about the native ecosystems of the area in an arboretum nationally recognized as a “living laboratory” where students from Oregon State University frequently come to get hands on forest science knowledge.
  • McDonald and Dunn Research Forest—This one is just north of Corvallis and another great place to hike, explore and learn.


5. Corvallis Entertainment

Darkside cinema corvallis

Source: Darkside Cinema

Where to begin here? Well, first, with one of the events Corvallis Oregon locals look forward to every summer: Bard in the Quad. Every summer, OSU drama students put on one of Shakespeare’s finest plays, outside on the Memorial Union Quad on campus. Bring your own camp chairs or picnic blankets, be prepared for the weather, and have a time of it! If Shakespeare’s not your speed, check out the shows going on at the Majestic Theater, or one of the local music festivals going on throughout the summer! And if you’re into indie movies, make sure to check out Darkside Theater.


6. Sports

Baseball glove with baseballs resting on baseball diamond

If you’re looking for the local summer sports scene, then look no further than a home game with the Corvallis Knights collegiate summer baseball team! The games start in June and go into early August, both home and away.


7. Visit Campus: Oregon State University

Oregon state university campus

Source: INTO Global

We’ve mentioned Oregon State University a few times already, and you can’t possibly visit Corvallis without stopping by campus for some college flavor. There are always things going on there, and you don’t have to be a student or a professor to enjoy many of them. Check out the OSU Calendar of Events, or just take a stroll and get to know the area and why everybody here is crazy about the Beavers!


8. The Beach, or the Mountains?

Mountains and beach landscape oregon

Corvallis is ideally situated in the heart of the Willamette Valley, which means that it’s one hour west to Newport and its beaches on the Oregon Coast. Or, you can head east into the Willamette National Forest towards Bend and the Central Oregon Cascades for more hiking, camping, fishing and outdoor activities than we can possibly mention here.


Build or Remodel in Corvallis

Once you’ve visited Corvallis, it’s hard to leave. We know the feeling! We always love to talk about what to see in Corvallis, Oregon, so if you are curious, just let us know! And if you want to build your own custom home or remodel your kitchen, bathroom or any other part of your home, reach out to the design-build experts Corvallis families trust for top-notch, high-quality work they love to live in. We take you through every step, from planning to paint colors, so you can enjoy living here in Corvallis too. Contact us today for a personal consultation to get started.


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