Controlling Remodel Project Costs During the Design Phase

Controlling Remodel Project Costs During the Design Phase

You probably have a friend or a family member who has dealt with a remodeling project that went over budget to some degree. You may even have heard some real horror stories. In most cases where the building cost exceeds the budget, there was a failure to address all the construction budgeting issues during the planning and design phase. Making sure to really explore all of your options and how they fit into your budget, in the beginning, is key to avoiding a lot of expensive change orders. Careful planning can control your remodel labor rates and costs for materials, which will prevent your project from going over budget. Careful, clear, detailed remodeling design planning at the beginning of your project makes all the difference.

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Remodeling on a Budget

Before you even start your project, it’s important to understand what your budget is, and what it will need to cover. It isn’t only the price of the materials and the price of labor. There are all kinds of ancillary costs that include things like budgeting for meals out during a kitchen remodel, or a few nights in a hotel when the bathrooms are being remodeled. Talking with your Corvallis design build pros at Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths can help you get inside details about what you need to include in your renovation budget template for each of the stages of design in the construction of your new project. This will minimize surprise costs and help you find ways to save money and get the best results for the money you have to spend on the project.


6 Ways to Achieve Cost Control for Your Corvallis Remodel

Remodeled bar with updated sink.

During the planning phase, be sure to discuss all of these things with your design-build firm. Having a simple project design can help streamline costs, which can help you achieve the remodeling project you want, with the budget you can afford.


1. Use Existing Systems if Possible

If the plumbing and electrical are in good shape, and if the general layout still works and just needs an update, this will save a lot of money. Naturally, any underlying problems will need to be addressed, but this is one way to significantly simplify your remodeling project design and stick to the budget.

One of the key systems to evaluate and possibly keep to save money is the original footprint and floor plan of the area you are remodeling. During the planning phase, we can help you evaluate traffic patterns and come up with the design, storage, and functionality improvements that maintain the same footprint you have now, which can save a lot of money in the construction and labor phase.


2. Select the Right Materials

Remodeled kitchen with different textures and materials

Our design staff is knowledgeable about materials we install and can help guide you through their choices based on the budget you want to be in. We know which products have a good track record and which do not. We want you to rely on our expertise to guide them through these choices.

What is super essential is being very honest and upfront about your budget and expectations. When we know the parameters, we can either help make sure your choices align with that or advise you when your expectations and parameters do not align and help them problem solve whether that means a budget increase or a compromise on the scope of work or materials.


3. Don’t Change Things that Still Work for You

It’s true that there are few things as exciting as custom cabinetry, but you don’t have to change everything about it if what you have works well for you, and you still like it. Keep your focus on areas that really need a functionality or style upgrade first, and do surface treatments on things that function well, but just need a fresh look to bring the new and older parts of your remodeling project together seamlessly.

There is a little caveat to this: often the laundry list of “little” upgrades adds up and full cabinet replacement may not cost much more. However, it really depends on your overall goals for the space. We can present the pros and cons, but leave it to you to decide what’s best for your home.


4. Combine Upgrades

White counter with white tile with gold accents.

If your electrical system needs to be updated, do it concurrently with an existing remodeling project in order to deal with two things at the same time, which will definitely save labor costs and time down the road. If flooring needs to be pulled up, or walls and windows need to be removed, that would be a good time to improve the insulation too.


5. Focus on Energy Efficiency

Going green in your remodeling project may have some more up-front costs, but they can save you more money as time goes on by taking a chunk out of your electricity bill. High-efficiency faucets and fixtures can also save water, which will also save you money and go easier on the earth at the same time.


6. Work with Your Corvallis Contractors on all of the Details

Work with Your Corvallis Contractors on all of the Details

The real benefit of working with a design-build firm is that you can work with a central team that is in charge of both the design and the construction. This also saves several steps and several expenses and also comes with the benefit of drawing out extremely detailed design plans so that there are fewer change orders, fewer surprises, and fewer extra expenses that blow the budget and the schedule.


Improve Your Home Life Corvallis Style

Remodeled kitchen that improves your home life

Our customers’ needs and budgets are extremely important to us, and we strive to make sure you are more than delighted with the work we do. Check out our remodeling gallery for other Corvallis remodeling projects we’ve done, our FAQ page to answer any questions you may have, and be sure to schedule a consultation when you are ready to discuss your remodeling dreams!


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