6 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Corvallis Kitchen

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Corvallis Kitchen

If your Corvallis house needs a kitchen revamp, not everyone will be willing or able to answer the question, “What should you not do in a kitchen remodel?” Your neighbors might have gone crazy with open shelving, but now secretly regret it because they constantly have to dust their display porcelain. Here at Corvallis Custom Kitchens and Baths, we’re eager to share the most common kitchen remodeling mistakes, so you can avoid them:


1. If You Fail to Plan, You Get a Bad Kitchen Remodel

This is by far the most common mistake we see, especially in DIY kitchens. People get all excited about the trends, max out their Pinterest board, and go crazy. Before they know it, they’re cutting and gutting a kitchen without knowing what order to remodel a kitchen, thereby leaving out important kitchen details or trying to cram them in afterwards. This can lead to a kitchen remodeling project that lasts for years instead of weeks, to say nothing of blowing beyond the budget because things have to be redone, sometimes multiple times over.

The easy way to solve this problem is to team up with your Corvallis design build contractors from the beginning. They can help you devise a clear plan from the start that includes every detail, from appliances and countertops to all the other critical kitchen materials, unique designs and important functionality features. The kitchen remodel help you’ll get from our Corvallis contractors will ensure every detail fits perfectly, and that your ideal kitchen design really works for you, with the ideal balance of form and function.


2. Not Understanding Your Kitchen Workflow

One of the next mistakes we see people make is asking “When remodeling a kitchen what should I pick first?” And thinking only about the design elements like the tile or sinks. Those details are super important, of course, but when it comes to kitchen remodel order, if you don’t plan your kitchen workflow first, those other details just won’t matter. When planning for your kitchen remodel, consider how well your current kitchen layout works, as opposed to how much better it could be. Sometimes people just stick with the old “kitchen triangle rule” that dominated kitchens starting in the 1940s, but today’s families have entirely different kitchen habits and lifestyles, and often a “work zone” format works better. Our team of home remodeling designers specializes in helping homeowners plan for their desired kitchen workflow and organization so that this is baked right into every detail from appliance placement to storage space to touchless faucets, etc.


3. Choosing Trend Over Function

We get it. Open shelving is everywhere right now. The funny thing about trends, though, is that they come and go. People eventually realize that the trend isn’t working for them. Then, a few years later, when they want to sell the house, their kitchen looks dated with that trend, and buyers cringe. Fortunately, it is possible, with the right planning, to get a visually delicious kitchen that also functions like a dream.


4. Wasted Space

Again, this is a totally avoidable disaster if you have the right kitchen design team on your side. During the planning phase, we will evaluate the space you have, and even if it’s a relatively small kitchen, we can make sure that every inch is used productively and beautifully. Whether it’s creating a breakfast nook for chatting with friends, or adding a device charging station, or whatever makes sense for your family. We will especially plan against the wasted space mistake of…


5. Not Planning for Enough Storage Space

“I have enough kitchen storage space,” said nobody ever in a million years. Literally every one of our kitchen remodeling clients has lamented a lack of storage space in the kitchen, so this is something we always strive to maximize in the planning stages.


6. Islands That are Way too Big

Kitchen islands are wonderful things, and some homeowners have ample kitchen space where they think a big one will be fantastic. But if it’s too wide, it becomes wasted space. It’s hard to reach things in the middle. So, when remodeling kitchen countertops like islands or any other countertop space, we try to size it for optimal functionality. Sometimes we’ve even added two smaller kitchen islands in place of one big one for that very reason.


We Build Oregon Beautiful Kitchens

As you can see, planning really does help avoid most kitchen remodeling mistakes. So, if you are craving a new kitchen, take a look through our gallery for some examples and inspiration, and then contact us for a personal consultation about your project.


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