Whole Home Renovation: Should You Remodel All at Once or In Pieces?

Whole Home Renovation: Should You Remodel All at Once or In Pieces?

This is one of those tricky questions that can have more than one right answer, as remodeling and renovation questions often do. Here at Corvallis Custom Kitchens and Baths, we will have some very deep, honest discussions with you about your needs, your budget, your schedule, and your dreams. Then we will help you come up with the right answer for your home and family. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks, of course, and we’ll discuss them here so you can decide whether you want to do an all-in-one remodeling project or do one room at a time. The choice is ultimately yours, but we can help you arrive at an organized home remodeling plan that works for you.

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Before starting any residential remodel, it is so important to ask yourself why you’re doing it and what you need the outcome to be. Are your family's needs changing? Do you need to make some deep updates to the floor plan itself? Or are you just thinking if you redo rooms with some interior design updates, things will be great? Doing a deep study of your home’s condition, your family’s needs for an updated space and your budget (this isn’t going to be cheap, after all) will help you look at the following pros and cons of the two renovation systems with an educated eye.


Is it Better to Renovate All at Once?

While understanding that an all-in-one renovation will cost a lot and be incredibly inconvenient, there is something to be said for doing it all in one fell swoop. Professionally speaking, it will be cheaper to remodel all at once. Combined projects will result in greater efficiency on time frames, which will reduce labor costs in the long run. In addition, we can take care of updating important, critical home systems like the electricity, plumbing, HVAC, and other things, so that your entire home is more energy-efficient and up to building code. This will enhance your home's safety and efficiency in the long run.

Another benefit of remodeling your whole home at once, if you can, is that you can plan for a cohesive design that runs through the house and feels seamless and fresh from room to room. Practically speaking, if you do a whole-house renovation project, it will be easier to ensure that you can buy consistent materials, colors, patterns, and finishes from the same production lines. If you do one room at a time, you may not be able to get those things to match quite as well.

One of the trickier drawbacks to doing a full-house renovation at once is making sure you have a place to stay where you can do your life the way you want while the project is underway. This will take considerably longer than a simple family room remodel, after all. If you can afford to rent a place or have friends or relatives willing to put you up for several weeks, this could work. Just be sure you’re with friends or family who will still like you if the project has to be extended, even for a couple of days.


Which Room Should I Remodel First?

If there are good reasons why you can’t manage to have your entire home remodeled at once, or if the overall home is great and you really just need a really fantastic kitchen remodel or a bathroom remodel, then you’ll need to ask yourself which room needs an update the most. If your family spends a lot of time in the kitchen and you need more storage and workspace there, it makes sense to work on the kitchen first. If you’ve started working out at home instead of the gym and need more of a spa set up for your bathroom, then that makes sense. If you can manage to have two rooms renovated at once, this can also help you get some of the benefits of the whole-home remodel without the whole space being down at the same time. By remodeling one room at a time, you can still live in your home and just work around the workarounds.

Another way to answer the question, “Which room should I remodel first?” is to consider which projects will bring the most resale value and the best ROI. Kitchens and bathrooms often sell houses, it’s true. But so do other important maintenance projects, like updating the hidden aspects of electrical systems, insulation, and energy-efficient doors and windows.


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If you’re still not sure which route you should take to plan your home remodeling project, talk with our experts and let us help you come up with a sane, logical, intelligent remodeling process that makes the most sense and helps you get the most out of your renovation investment with the least difficulty and inconvenience. Make sure to check out our gallery for inspiration too. We look forward to working with you!


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