Home Addition Trends to Watch for in 2022

Home Addition Trends to Watch for in 2022

If your home no longer feels like a good fit for your family, it’s time for a change. In some cases, that may simply require taking on a minor refresh or remodeling a specific room in your Corvallis home. In other cases, you may need to physically add extra residential space to satisfy your evolving needs.

Home additions and expansion projects can be used for several purposes, from accommodating a growing family to achieving certain lifestyle goals in terms of recreation, entertainment, and socialization.

Trending Home Addition Ideas in Oregon

As you start to plan your home improvement project for 2022, it’s important to clearly identify your project priorities and set a preliminary budget, giving you parameters for developing a scope of work for your addition or expansion. If you’re looking for inspiration, it can also be helpful to check out what’s trending in the home remodeling industry, which often reflects modern family life and homebuyer preferences in Oregon. A few home addition trends emerging in 2022 include:

1. Work-From-Home Spaces

The remote work concept surged in 2020 out of necessity, but, for better or worse, the business landscape seems to have changed permanently as a result. Businesses evolved to give employees work-from-home capabilities, and a greater number of remote positions are likely to be around even in a post-COVID world. For homeowners, that means there is value in creating a suitable home office or workspace. You can do so by remodeling or expanding an existing room, or you can build a home addition that is designed for that specific function, with proper lighting, sound insulation, privacy, and ventilation to maximize concentration and productivity.

2. Integrating Energy Saving Home Improvements

Regardless of what type of home addition you want to build, it’s worthwhile to implement energy-saving features as part of the project. Some popular solutions include insulation and HVAC upgrades; installing solar panels; setting up a rainwater harvesting system; and investing in double-pane windows. While developing plans for your 2022 home addition, it’s worth investigating the available tax incentives for the energy-saving improvements you are considering.

3. Blending Indoor-Outdoor Living

Your home is your sanctuary—a concept that was made all the more relevant by the events of 2020. Many homeowners also have recognized the need to establish a balance of indoor-outdoor living and create exterior spaces that support a wide range of family activities, as well as social gatherings. This year, you may consider creating a welcoming outdoor living area that is an extension of your indoors, such as a covered patio or deck. You can build a truly comfortable and convenient environment, regardless of the local climate, by including a durable covering, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, heating lamps, cozy furniture, drop-down screens, and other amenities. Another idea that's become increasingly popular is the outdoor kitchen, which can revolutionize how you cook, dine and entertain.

4. Kitchen Additions

Spending a lot of time refining a sourdough technique in 2020 highlighted the importance of space in the kitchen. The trouble is that for many older kitchens, the square footage simply isn’t up to the task. If you’re going to be doing the vast majority of your own food preparation, a kitchen addition might be the perfect solution to a crowded living space.

A custom kitchen provides you with more than counter space and extra cupboards. You can designate entertaining areas, increase the number of windows, add a walk-in pantry, and more. To make the kitchen appropriate for your needs as you get older, think about expanding the walkways and doors to accommodate mobility devices, with a countertop that is the perfect height.

5. Layered Kitchens

If your kitchen is large enough, but it’s too open, you might need to try new kitchen configurations. Open concept kitchens are appealing because they create cohesion and continuity between other areas in the home, such as a dining room or living room. However, an open design can almost make it more difficult to hide the mess and clutter that naturally accrue in the kitchen. In response to this dilemma, home designers have developed a trendy new solution: layered kitchens, or two-in-one kitchens. The idea is to build a space with specific zones, some of which are tucked away out of sight, like the prep area or dishwashing area, and some that are left in the open, such as the serving area. If you’re wanting to expand your kitchen in 2022, you can integrate this solution by creating a separate zone in the back of your kitchen that is even partially obscured by a wall or door.

6. Master Suite Additions

For 2022, you may notice that the trends are starting to get a little bigger. For home additions, that includes the master suite. It offers a great opportunity to get what you always wanted: room to stretch out, plus a spacious walk-in closet and spa-like bathrooms. Although adding a master suite might feel like a luxury (and it is a wonderful one), it’s also an important part of aging-in-place. if you want to live in your home as you get older, it’s wise to have a bedroom, bathroom, and closet that are designed perfectly to work with you throughout the years.

7. Optimizing Multigenerational Living

Multigenerational living has been growing over the years for several reasons: housing shortages, shifting family dynamics, and economic changes. More adult children are remaining at home while they attend college or save for their own residence, while senior loved ones can also find comfort and security being close to their family. In order to make multigenerational living comfortable and convenient for all household members, you must have the right accommodations. One home addition trend involves building designated in-law suites or even stand-alone accessory dwelling units (ADUs). This way, everyone has privacy and freedom while enjoying the benefits of living on the same property.

8. Multipurpose Amenities for Whole Families

If you’ve been spending more time at home, no doubt you’ve encountered situations that revealed how nice and convenient it would be to have certain spaces incorporated directly into your residence. For example, a coffee bar; wine cellar; home gym; home theater or media room; a garden room or conservatory; or a place to store your outdoor equipment, like bikes and kayaks, can all elevate the function of your home and make it easier for you to carry on with the things you love—regardless of what’s happening in the outside world.

9. A Continuation of Minimalism

In terms of design, minimalism continues to trend. Homeowners have become more aware of how clutter can cause stress and anxiety, especially in areas that are shared by all household members. An excess of architectural and design elements can also limit the functionality of a room. As you’re planning your home addition, keep it simple and streamlined. To keep up with 2022 designs, opt for soft curves instead of hard, straight lines. You also may want to consider adding storage space to your house, which can help improve the overall quality of your living area. With proper storage, you can tuck away items you only use occasionally and keep your surfaces clean and uncluttered.

How Would You Modernize Your Home in 2022?

Making a modern space in your home for 2022 involves a few important concepts:

  • Indoor-outdoor spaces, including outdoor living and mudrooms
  • Work-from-home spaces that optimize productivity, designed for full-time use
  • Homework rooms for children that aren’t in their bedrooms
  • Kitchens built for long-term storage and regular use
  • Automation to simplify tasks like lighting, sound, and security

Click here to see more home remodeling trends for 2022.

What Is Trending in Home Improvements?

If you’re thinking about a remodel for 2022, start with these home improvement trends:

  • Patterned hardwoods
  • Natural designs that bring the outdoors inside
  • Bold wallpaper patterns
  • Metal roofing and solar panels, for better energy-efficiency

Need to keep the estimate from expanding out of your reach? Here’s how you can control remodel costs during the design phase.

How Do You Renovate a House?

Renovating a house involves evaluating its existing condition and creating a plan to provide modern updates without erasing the charm and delight of the existing home. For older homes, renovation might include following traditional building techniques or the use of specific types of materials. The end result is beautifully consistent with the structure.

Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of remodeling? Our process takes away the stress.

What Trends Are Out for 2022?

Although you’ll notice that a lot of home design trends are continuing into 2022, there are a few that are definitely on their way out:

  • Large rooms with no clear division between living areas
  • Sponge-painted walls
  • Gray in any color scheme
  • Farmhouse doors
  • Open shelving in the kitchen

These trends are replaced by designs perfect for a 2020s lifestyle, including wallpaper, pocket doors, glass-front cabinets, and lots of wonderful colors.

Looking for an expert design-build company? Here’s our story.

Adding Comfort and Value to Your Corvallis Home

Any time you change your home, it’s important to stop and evaluate your needs and priorities so that the project can truly contribute to improving comfort and value for your family. Every home addition or expansion will look different, depending on your specific budget, vision and priorities. Our team at Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths can help with that personalization process. Check out our work. We can also provide insight on zoning regulations, the permit process, and all the other elements that can impact your project and the experience of enhancing your home.

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